Trusting in Divine Timing…

…and coming to terms with regret.

What’s the use in regrets?
They’re just things we haven’t done yet.
What are regrets?
They’re just lessons we haven’t learned yet.

Beth Orton – ‘Sweetest Decline’.

Today I have been pondering the idea of Divine Timing and the idea of having no regrets. I have found that I have had to change and shift my perception of regrets recently. I used to believe that it was useless to try to not have regrets, that regrets were not things you could easily dismiss as unhelpful or a waste of time. I felt that in my own life there are so many things that I regret that it was practically impossible to escape them. Things that I regretted not having, or not doing, or things that I regretted doing and wished I could erase from the reality of my life would haunt me on almost a daily basis.

Most recently the thing that had been rolling around in my mind as a regret of sorts was the sense that I have finally found my calling and know what it is that I want to achieve and have clear goals that I am striving for – but that this hasn’t happened for me until I am well into my 40’s. There was the sense of regret that the tarot cards I was just getting to grips with in my early 20’s were put away and forgotten for a huge chunk of my life -that I didn’t pursue my deep fascination in astrology until this point in my life. That I didn’t recognise that spiritual development and healing was my calling until now.

Recently though, with the contemplation of divine timing and the spiritual work I have been doing over the last few months, I have finally realised that the things in my life that I would previously have called a regret are now becoming hugely profound spiritual lessons. When these things crop up for me I have learned to understand that it is all part of the spiritual work I am undertaking, it is ALWAYS connected and ALWAYS serves to help me learn, grow and expand spiritually.

I treated myself to a new Oracle Deck this week called ‘The Wild Offering Oracle Deck‘. Its a 52 card deck and I have had it less than a week and yet already one card seems to be coming out more than the others and that is the card of ‘Divine Timing‘. The writing on this card says:

The Divine brings things in the timing that we need. Nothing comes before we’re prepared, nor leaves too early. May I always trust Your perfect and holy timing, dear Lord!’

This little prayer triggered in me a bit of an epiphany in that I was never supposed to discover my life path and have this clear vision and goal for what it is that I want – not until this point in my life. I needed to experience all the things that I used to call regrets as they are now the fuel that feeds my spiritual growth! It seems like such a simple thing to realise and yet I often find that the most profound realisations have a real simplicity about them.

Finally I can contemplate regrets not as something that will forever taunt and haunt me and make me wish I could re live my life, but as the lessons that they truly are. If you are struggling with regrets and perhaps can’t see the lesson within the things you see as regrets, try to have faith and allow diving timing to play out. Try to trust that some day you will see the value and the lesson that your experience holds for you. If this creates friction and resistance in you, bring it back to simplicity and release it remembering when it comes down to it the Universe really does have your back!

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