‘I don’t even know where to begin… Thank you so much!!! This resonated quite deeply with me. I didn’t expect to be nearly in tears before 5 minutes had passed! I am going to take some time to reflect on this reading… Just had to let you know, spot on! Will definitely be back as well as recommend you to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!’ – Anna.

Wow, really enjoyed my reading! I had some confirmations of what I was already feeling and knew I had a lot of work to do but didn’t know where to start or in which direction so thank you for the clear and positive advice. – Vickie. 

I have had three sessions with Kerry and am booked in for a fourth, early next month.  Her service is incredibly generous and unbelievable value for money.  Not only did I receive a video reading prior to each healing but also an extremely detailed report afterwards, plus additional gifts – a beautiful silver scarf, sprayed with the sprays she used during my first session, a bespoke essential oil mix, a range of powerful meditations, most related to specific chakras and one bespoke, and a bespoke song.
Kerry not only channels AA Metatron but also other Higher beings including Ganesh, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as well as others and her readings never fail to resonate with me.
In addition, her aftercare is second to none.  She is always ready to answer any questions between sessions. 
Although my medical conditions are ongoing, Kerry’s sessions have helped me tremendously to maintain my faith and trust in Spirit and I have no doubt that the eventual outcome will be positive.
In short, Kerry is a highly gifted, compassionate woman and it is my pleasure to recommend her services to anyone. – Sonia

‘Since I did your Base Chakra & Ancestral Healing guided meditation, I’ve been able to face things that are usually traumatic for me and not get upset. Thank you so much, its given me the support I needed, you’re amazing!’ – Gabrielle.

‘Kerry is thoroughly amazing. She is so very gifted. I’ve had several readings and Distance Metatron Colour Healing Therapy. This process has been emotional but Kerry has supported me every step of the way. I feel very safe with her and this process and the way it is delivered is just perfect. The aftercare is fantastic and nothing is too big or too small for Kerry. She has helped me considerably and as I continue my journey I feel blessed to have Kerry supporting me every step of the way.’ – Clare.

Thank you for the reading and the healing, both really resonated with me and I’ve found it fascinating how accurate they both were. The reading made me cry as I felt like the universe could see me, it was so accurate. Your voice is really soothing to listen to as well, I felt that helped hugely. I love being able to communicate with you about all of this, you’ve really got a gift Kerry. It brought me a lot of love and joy. I know you say it’s Metatron doing the healing, but you deliver it with empathy and tenderness.’ – Kerry.

‘I read your report with tears streaming down my face, it was so spot on, thank you so much. I felt peaceful and ready to carry on and my back pain has also felt much better this evening, like a warmth and the pain has practically disappeared! I can’t thank you enough.’ – Emma. 

‘The Metatron Colour Healing made me feel so relaxed and very grounded afterwards. It gave me a sense of peace and all the card readings I had during the session were really accurate.’ – Chloe.

I bought a meditation from Kerry, the Throat Chakra and Authentic Self Healing Meditation. It came to me at exactly the right time. Kerry has such a soothing and calming voice, which enabled me to connect in and be in the perfect space to achieve the healing i needed. I have done a few of Kerry’s meditations now, and i find her to be very intuitive, caring and professional. Her meditations are combined with her healing ability, and so you get much more than just a simple meditation. Thank you Kerry. ♥️ – Sam.

‘Just had the privilege of an absolutely amazing reading from Kerry, spot on with everything she felt from the cards drawn and has given a great direction for my next steps forward, thank you!’ – Heidi.

‘I received a card reading by Kerry a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away by how accurately Kerry described my situation. I will definitely be back for more healing and insight, Kerry thank you for your empathic and warm approach.’ – Caroline.

‘I purchased one of Kerry’s meditations, the sacral chakra healing/mother wounds. I have a few of the chakra meditations now. I truly love the journey this one took me on! Kerry has such a soothing voice and a real knack for evoking beautiful imagery through her words. I felt so safe and nurtured and felt a great deal of healing during this meditation. Thoroughly recommend it.’ – Roxanne.

‘Just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for my reading!! It was amazing! You are the professor of your spiritual gift! Which you shared with me today to enlighten, bring insight and clarity on my own personal journey. The reading was precise, on time, accurate, emotional, amazing, brought understanding and gave anwers. I look forward to my new transformational journey.’ – Courtney.

‘My reading was absolutely spot on and perfect. I am so pleased and in awe of Kerry’s gift. I can relate to everything she said and I definitely felt a connection in energy when watching it. Thank you Kerry so very much for taking the time to do that for me and thank you to your guides. I recommend everyone to go to Kerry, she is very talented and gifted.’ – Clare.