Solar Plexus Chakra Healing.

The Solar Plexus is located in the centre of the torso. Physiologically the solar plexus is a nerve centre which plays a very important role in regulating the functioning of the body’s organs, metabolism and the nervous system, in particular how we respond to stress. Energetically the Solar Plexus Chakra helps us to tap into our creativity, our warrior energy, our confidence and self-esteem.

When our solar plexus is balanced we are confident, but not arrogant; assertive, but not aggressive; creative, driven and able to stand up for ourselves. We can put ideas into action and achieve our goals.

Solar Plexus energy is masculine and fiery in nature, working with the Solar Plexus is often a transformational process. The energy invoked in Solar Plexus work is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes burning with fresh creativity, ready to initiate the next chapter of life, replenished and renewed.

Symptoms of Solar Plexus Imbalance:

  • Lack of confidence leading to fears, anxiety and low self esteem.
  • Over confidence leading to arrogance.
  • Fear of rejection and abandonment.
  • Inability to set and/or maintain personal boundaries.
  • Unable to advocate for, defend, stand up for or assert Oneself.
  • Aggressively asserting Oneself at the expense of others.
  • Being domineering, controlling or intimidating.
  • Allowing yourself to be intimidated, controlled or used.
  • Being a people pleaser.
  • Being unable or unwilling to ask for help – due to anxiety, over independence or unbalanced self-pride.
  • Inability to act upon our thoughts, ideas and goals due to inertia, apathy or lack of confidence.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing:

Colour: The colour to work with while doing Solar Plexus healing is yellow. This is the colour that uplifts and brings lighter, higher vibrational energy. Linking to the colour yellow can be done in many ways including eating yellow food, wearing yellow clothes and jewellery, burning yellow candles, visualisation during meditation or yoga, drawing or painting with the different shades of yellow.

Fire Elemental Healing: The Solar Plexus chakra can be described with the analogy of the ‘fire in your belly’. Incorporating fire into your solar plexus work can lend a strength to and intensify the process. Fire is by nature intense and the Solar Plexus responds well to intense energies as this is your energetic power centre. Fire can be visualised to cleanse and purify your Solar Plexus, as well as to ignite, empower and/or regenerate your personal power and restore balance to the chakra after doing inner work related to Solar Plexus issues. Burning candles, bonfires, fire scrying, sun salutations, spending time in the sun, or focusing on any kind of creative activity are all great for connecting with the fire element.

Journaling/Father Wound Healing: For me personally, this is the big one. Father wounds have affected me my entire life and still do to this day. Issues relating to fear of abandonment or rejection, lack of support and protection, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, holding the false belief that you are unlovable, undeserving of love, unworthy and not important enough to be a priority for others and therefore yourself – all of these are issues that often arise from Father wounds. Further to this, issues such as embarrassment, humiliation, guilt and shame can have Father wounding at the root of them due to the fact that many situations that arise in a person with these types of wounds are simply not situations a person with healthy supportive relationships with their father would ever allow themselves to be in. I have had flashbacks while doing this work that have brought back moments of pure shame, embarrassment and humiliation to me. Working through these, understanding why these flashbacks are occurring, forgiving myself for allowing this to happen and recognising the wounds that led to those behaviours and situations; alongside my own inner child reparenting work, has for me allowed my healing to finally begin – at the start of my 45th year! In day to day life, noticing what triggers affect you and spark reactions of anger or fear and how this relates to your Father wound, acknowledging that this needs to be faced and worked through and journaling to allow yourself the opportunity to speak to your higher self about these issues can aid the healing process.

Crystals: Crystals that work with the solar plexus are Citrine, Tigers Eye, Ametrine, Yellow Jasper, Golden Calcite and Fire element crystals such as Fire Agate.

Archangel Healing: My meditation will be calling upon 3 Archangels – Archangel Gabriel will help us to unite our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Archangel Raphael will be called upon to send healing relating to Father wounds and Archangel Raziel will help to ignite our creativity and give us a sense of purpose moving forward. His Rainbow ray will offer us healing that incorporates all of the colours of the rainbow and he will ignite for us our creative spark.

Essential oils: Lemon, Lemongrass, Bergamot, and Grapefruit are all uplifting oils that work well with the solar plexus energy. Also masculine, spicy oils such as Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom and Black Pepper are all oils that can help connect to the masculine/fire aspect of the Solar Plexus.

The video of my card reading for the Solar Plexus Guidance can be seen here:

The meditation will be available on my website very soon!

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