Metatron Colour Therapy Distance Healing Session.




On purchasing your Metatron Colour Healing Therapy Session you will receive an introduction email from me welcoming you to your healing journey with Archangel Metatron.
We will discuss an agreed time slot where I will deliver your healing session. You may receive a pre healing Oracle card reading from me if I am so guided prior to your healing.
After your healing session you will receive a detailed report from me via email. You will also receive a gift of a silver healing scarf which I have next to the healing bed throughout and for several hours after your healing. I will have infused the scarf with all of the healing sprays used in your session as well as all of the crystals, cards and anything else that may have been incorporated into the healing. At the end of your session I will ground the energy into the scarf to send to you. Please note that this scarf is intended as a gift to you from me and is in no way integral to you receiving your healing – this will happen automatically whenever you take the time out to sit and receive the healing – whether this be at the same time as I am delivering the healing or a week later.
Thank you so much for sharing your healing journey with me.
Kez at Moon in Libra.


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