What is Love?

Guidance for week 22 – 26 Nov 2021

This week we have had some really gorgeous energies around us and coming through on the Moon in Libra channel. While the rest of the world creates havoc, I have been guided to stay very much in my own lane and focus in on the guidance coming through for those who find their way to my channel and social media sites. We are being guided to stay focused on our dreams, to look for and connect to the most beautiful and positive energies and to emanate love & passion and remain balanced & focused on our own goals. I also deep dived in to the work of David Hawkins this week. Read on to learn more.

Monday’s reading brought through the fire energy once more as we moved in to Sagittarius season. The message was that this is a time for going for it, taking bold and decisive action and being sure to take practical steps to bring your dreams and goals into physical reality. Stay in your lane, only focus on yourself and those who bring encouragement and support. The dove in this card tells you that it is OK to move away, with peace in your heart from those who are unsupportive or who hinder you from focusing on your goals. Allow them to fade out into the background while you zoom in on what you need to do. Also make sure you take time to recharge in nature. I will keep bringing this message through as long as I feel called to – it is so important. Even if its is only for a minute or two – the amount of time you spend recharging is not important. What matters is that you do. That tells yourself, your guides and the universe that your energy levels matter and that you will do what you can to support yourself, the impact of that message cannot be underestimated. Look at the sunset, walk under the trees, watch the leaves rustling, appreciate one flower, bird or even blade of grass. If it brings you peace for even a moment it counts!

Tuesday’s message is all about maintaining a balance between our emotions and our thoughts. I was given the analogy of a heating and ventilation system within buildings – it requires a finely tuned balance between Air (our mind) and Water (our emotions) to maintain a warm, inviting and comfortable environment in which to inhabit. This is true also for our own minds and bodies. Preventing blockages, good ventilation and effective insulation are key to maintaining a comfortable living environment. The message is an encouragement to form and maintain a consistent spiritual practice within our daily lives to make sure we are taking preventative steps to avoid these blockages from occurring. Insulating from outside influences (using spiritual protection) and being able to vent (being free to express ourselves) will ensure our inner environment is a good place to inhabit. There is also the message to take conscious inspired action to enrich the experiences of those around us through taking responsibility for ourselves, living within and embodying the energy of love and simply being kind to those around us.

Wednesday’s reading brought the message that there is a new phase coming for us in terms of love and friendship but more specifically to this reading I feel this is in reference to spiritual love and our relationship with our Selves. Its a card about balance and self mastery. Recognising that love is a state of being and not simply an emotion that we feel – it is an energy we can all hope to embody with conscious intention. This card also brings the message to harness support from Archangel Sandalphon to help us with sending out our prayers for the life we truly desire and to begin planting the seeds energetically, visualising the magenta colour in our Earth Star chakra to help us plant seeds for what we wish to sow in future months. David Hawkins quotes are coming up for me today. His work is well worth looking into if the idea of living life from a consciously loving state of being is something you want to read more about. I recommend his book ‘Letting Go – the Pathway of Surrender’ which is all about surrendering up lower energy emotions to allow us to be free to live within the higher energies of acceptance, love and peace. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see some David Hawkins videos that I love.

Thursday’s reading brought us the words ‘stability’, ‘fulfilment’, ‘culmination’ and ‘completion’. The message once more is to begin now to view love as a way of being, not something to gain, earn or acquire. Love is an energy accessible to all at any time. David Hawkins puts it so perfectly in his book that I can’t make it sound any better so I read an excerpt from his amazing book ‘Letting Go’ in which he takes us through the emotional scale from fear and pain to courage, acceptance, love and peace through the powerful but simple and continual act of surrender. I recommend this book to everyone! Amazing stuff. There is also the message to Let go in terms of allowing your life to be fun and to play and see the funny side. My 8 year daughter helps me with this one today and she brings through the energy of laughter beautifully 💗💗💗

Friday’s reading holds a very different energy to the previous few days. Having been immersed in the energy of love we now move into a time of great productivity in terms of focused intention, inspiration, creativity and intellectual astuteness. A great time for writing, planning, mindfulness and finding inspiration – especially through meditation. Heart centred creativity will come through in a way that seems sudden, as if you have been channelling a higher being and images and words seem to come from outside of your Self. These are highly intuitive and creative energies around right now. If you have lots of things on your to do list today is a great day to focus on that and going into the weekend.

An amazing week of guidance – I will leave you with some videos of David Hawkins talking about love – his work has really shifted my perception of love and helped me to release so many negative emotions. Since reading his book and really practicing the act of Surrender over these last 6 months or so I really do feel like my life has changed – I no longer suffer with crippling anxiety and I can find joy in even the most mundane tasks.
This week something amazing happened to me that confirmed that David’s work is credible and that surrender really works in a powerful way. Read this excerpt below – he is discussing what happened to a man who has lent some money to another person:

With continual surrender, the whole deal was totally let go and a shift was made to view the loan as a gift. Admittedly, this other person had really needed the money. Why not simply see it as a gift and let go of the expectation of repayment? Now, instead of resentment, gratefulness predominated because there had been the opportunity to help another human being in a moment of real need. Within 48 hours, a check arrived in the mail for the entire amount with a note and an apology for the delay in repayment!

Letting Go: the Pathway of Surrender – David Hawkins.

This week, after reading this I thought of a friend of mine to whom I had sent a payment to for a service that I had not received. On asking my friend about the possibility of me having the money repaid I was told that they were just not able to pay it – this was roughly 3 years ago. This week after reading the above passage, I spent sometime letting go of the expectation of repayment and energetically sent my friend the money as a gift that I had already given her physically 3 or 4 years ago. Now this money was no longer a debt, but a gift that I gave her freely and with love and gratitude that I had been in a position to send her the money at all. I surrendered it, with love and gratitude. 2 days later, the same friend, who I had not spoken to for many many months decided that she needed a reading from me, she sent me the payment for the reading – and paid me 3 times the asking price – effectively repaying in a very beautiful way, the money I had sent her many moons ago. I went on to give her a beautiful reading that she loved and the energy of love between the 2 of us lifted both of us immensely – it was a really gorgeous experience – so I can vouch for the fact that this spiritual and energetic work really does impact on our daily lives in a beautiful way. I will leave you with the words of David Hawkins xxx

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