Fox Energy Spirit Guide.

The fox is the perfect spirit animal to call upon when you need to use your discernment. Known for being cunning and sly, this is a rather harsh judgement upon the fox whose energy actually is very playful and loving once you take the time to get to know them.

Like a cat, foxes do not suffer fools and may take a long time to learn to trust you, but once the trust has been established the fox is a loyal best friend, much like a dog. The fox beautifully holds the dual energies of the cat and the dog, embodying the independent nature of the cat along with the reliability of the dog. The fox looks out for itself first and knows when to come forward and be seen and when to remain in the shadow looking out for itself. So the fox is a great energy to tap into when you need a dose of discernment and self belief.

Fox energy can help you to judge tricky people and situations and to give you a clue as to how you might manage to protect your own energy in a diplomatic, self protective manner in situations that are uncomfortable or difficult. Fox can help you to know when to speak up, but more significantly when to stay silent and allow events to unfold. If some people take this style of self shielding to be sly then so be it. Other people’s perceptions are never a priority for the fox.

Tap into Fox energy when you are in need of:

  • Using your discernment.
  • Figuring out if a person or situation is right for you.
  • Tapping into your own shadow self and facing your darker side without guilt, shame or regret.
  • Figuring out a way around situations that avoids direct confrontation.
  • Deciding between disclosure, or keeping things to yourself.
  • Being confident in your own intuition and inner knowing.

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