Energy Reading for Full Moon in Cancer 2022.

Energy reading for the Full Moon in Cancer. Things being revealed that are not expected, disclosure or disillusionment leading to the wish to walk away from things that you once felt were going to be so good for you. Archangel Michael comes in to bring a sense of emotional maturity and help this situation to be resolved in a positive way for all involved.

I also felt that there will be lots of people having some serious emotions resurfacing – base chakra wounds flaring up to be dealt with – things that challenged our inherent sense of safety and belonging coming up to be healed – this is a time for recognising these wounds, seeing things exactly how they are and working through them with gentleness and compassion for all. Ho’ oponopono is a beautiful tool to use that sends the energy of love and forgiveness to any person or event that occurred to heal the energy attached to it and allow healing to occur. To send out Ho ‘oponopono simply hold the person or an image of what occurred in your mind and repeat the affirmation ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.’ As many times as you feel you need to xxx

Deck used – The Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine.


Reading for New Moon in Capricorn Jan 2022.

Discussing the current planetary placement – as it is today (30/12/21). Intense Capricorn energy with Venus in retrograde and Mercury and Pluto conjunct all in the sign of Capricorn. I feel that this can potential create very strong ‘Devil’ energy and bring through guidance on how to counter this energy and tap into the more positive aspects of Capricorn. The reading confirms what I say at the start which is always nice. Creativity, passion and action are what I prescribe for the next few days and weeks to come. Don’t forget to set your intentions with the new moon and dream big with this Capricorn energy of ambition and persistent and consistent hard work.

Deck used – The Truth Seekers Tarot.


Tunnel Vision!

Guidance for 13-17 December 2021.

The overriding message that seemed to come through this week is to stay in our lane, resist passing judgement on others and to stay grounded in the face of fear and confusion.

Monday’s reading gave us a nudge to look back to the new moon and remember all of the things we were setting in motion back then. It may seem like only yesterday that we set those new moon intentions, yet we are well on our way towards the Full Moon in Gemini that is occurring on Saturday the 18th. You may find yourself feeling indecisive about the choices you have recently made. This card is a reminder to look back, remember why you did what you did, why you have chosen what you have and to carry on chipping away. This is a card of working hard, meticulously honing our visions for our future and remaining on the path that is right for us. The image on the card looks like a tunnel – as I am typing this the words ‘tunnel vision’ came to me – so we are being guided to focus exclusively on what we have already set in motion. Don’t let these rising Gemini energies of fickleness and curiosity sway you. Instead tune into the airy intellectual side of Gemini coupled with the outgoing fiery energy of Sagittarius to bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to your work and to ensure your thoughts are focused on the very best outcome for you as you continue your hard work, knowing that someday you will reap the rewards of your persistence and commitment.

Reading for the energy of the Full Moon in Gemini. This reading looks at the energy within the collective over this weekend as we have a full moon in the Air sign of Gemini. There is so much masculine energy around it needs to be tempered and we do this by focusing in on our heart and embodying the energy of love – I keep saying this but it really is that simple! Turn your mind over to your heart – this is the title of a Bill Hicks song. I realised after finishing recording this video that this week on the 16th would have been Bill Hick’s 60th birthday so I was not surprised at all that his energy came through in this video! Happy Birthday Bill, I will be invoking your energy, remembering your message and laughing my arse off in your memory this week. If you don’t know who I am talking about Bill Hicks was a comedian in the 80s and 90s who tried to change the world, inject a dose of humour into difficult truths, spread the message that we are all one and wake people up – and succeeded with many people including myself. He is the influence that triggered my spiritual awakening – yep, not your typical comedian by anyone’s reckoning. Just look at the lyrics to this song – the line that seems weirdly apt today is ‘No more tragic lovers unable to meet’!

Climbed out of the ocean, learned to walk on ground
Now not one of us whoβ€…cantβ€…take flight
Gonna liveβ€…on the moon someday
Hope it’s notβ€…because we blew the earth away

Turn your mind over to your heart
Turn your mind over to your heart

Always known it
It’s just a matter of remembering
We’ve known it from the start
Now it’s just so simple

Turn your mind over to your heart
Turn your mind over to your heart

No more lonely people
No more dying in the streets
No more tragic lovers
Unable to meet

Nothing can stop us now
Nothing can keep us apart

Bill Hicks – Turn Your Mind Over to Your Heart.

Tuesday’s card was the same card that came out for us last Friday. This is a message that needs to be shared as much as possible by as many people as possible – the message that we are all struggling right now. Though what we specifically are struggling with may be different aspects and stem from different outlooks and experiences, the bottom line is that no one is unaffected by what is occurring in the world. Division and blame is not the way to go right now, we need to try hard to suspend judgement even against those whose views and opinions are at the farthest end of the spectrum from our own. Grace, tolerance and unity are needed, now more than ever.

I had a break again on Wednesday and on Thursday we had the message to find the balance between knowing what you want and attempting to control outcomes. Trust the process and stay focused on the blessings you see manifesting right now in your life. Gratitude is the key to aligning yourself to the energy of abundance. Also today I give a shout out to Bill Hicks who would have been 60 today. He is the influence that triggered my spiritual awakening and was the most amazing person. My advice when the world seems too much, watch some Hicks, squidgy your third eye and remember its just a ride.

Friday’s reading brought a double message. There is an undercurrent of Illusion, fear and confusion in both the collective and in our personal energies at present. The 10 of trees is coming forward as an antidote to this. On a collective level bringing our focus to our friends and family is the grounding influence we need to get through these times and the 10 of trees/Pentacles is about the most grounding energy you can find. It brings the energy of stability and strong roots. Often this card indicates financial stability but here in this form in The Art of Love its representing an inner sense of stability. Ensure that you are empowered enough to keep grounded and that you are the master influence of your thoughts and feelings, doing this is the best antidote to all the intense fear mongering that surrounds us now. On a personal level this card brings the message to work on ancestral healing. Recognising the illusions that have been present within us in terms of false beliefs about ourselves and the sense of fear, trauma and confusion this may have created within us and finding the strength and confidence to now leave that in the past and work on forgiveness, sending love and healing down through our ancestral line. I will use this opportunity to recommend my Base Chakra Healing meditation which incorporates ancestral healing. This meditation can help us in this work in a gentle yet powerful way. You can find this meditation in the Guided Meditations section xxx


In This Body All You Need Is Love.

Guidance for Week – 6th – 10th December 2021.

Click image to view Kat Shaw’s awesome, empowering and uplifting website

This week has been pretty dramatic for a lot of us – we’ve had stormy weather interspersed with spells of glorious sunshine, wind, rain, hail and storm Barra trying make his presence known, but not quite creating as much of a disruption as perhaps we thought. Energetically it has been a rollercoaster – lots of ups and downs with Christmas cheer being tempered with influences that are beyond our control and divisions being widened leading to a heightened awareness of the importance of unity. The guidance has been a mixed bag this week.

On Monday we were being guided to take some time to allow the energies of the New Moon Eclipse to integrate into the collective. We have planted the seeds and sent our wishes and dreams out into the ether, now is the liminal time while the seeds settle into the Earth before germination and growth occurs. Take some time to focus on where you are at currently. Enjoy all you have to be grateful for, pat yourself on the back for how far you have come and just allow some time for comfort, peace and contentment in your life. Over the full moon/Yuletide period we will have intense Capricorn energy so we will want to be working hard over this time and we may have some darker Devil energy to contend with on a collective level. For now, for today, enjoy the moment, look back and see how far you have come.

Tuesday brought the warning that we may well suffer set backs, inconvenience, hold ups, obstacles and all sorts of irritations today. Stay calm and try not to react. Breathe and draw on your inner reserves of patience and the solution won’t be too far off – you’ve got this! This was a day we just needed to get through. On Wednesday there was no 1 card reading as I needed to focus on my family and my child who has epilepsy. I took a day of rest and came back on Thursday. At this point we switched from Minor Arcana cards to Major Arcana and I felt an energy shift. The guidance for Thursday and Friday was very much focused on the collective and events occurring in the outside world.

Thursday’s reading brought the message that something is brewing in the collective. This card holds the energy of Uranus (in the video I get mixed up and say Neptune – I meant Uranus) in Sagittarius- I feel we are deep into the Sagittarius fiery energy now and the influence of Uranus is going to be significant. This is Sagittarius’ adventurous and freedom seeking energy combined with rebellious Uranus energy- Sagittarius on Steroids! We are reaching a point where we will no longer tolerate being held back! Interesting times indeed. On a personal level I feel today we will be feeling empowered to feel completely at ease with our bodies, acceptance and loving ourselves not despite of our flaws, but because of. We can look at what we have been through in these bodies of ours and feel a sense of pride and appreciation for ourselves and our bodies. I was drawn to an artist called Kat Shaw today whose work revolves around body positivity. Definitely worth a look!

On Thursday I also connected with a lovely and very interesting lady named Angie whose Instagram is Sanctuary_of_Sophia. She describes herself as “Womb Healer, Trainer, Trauma Therapy
Yoga, Aromatherapy, Bee Priestess & keeper🐝
Teacher in leadership & Luminary way, Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon ” Are you not completely intrigued? Cos I most certainly was. I checked out this lady’s social media and loved what I saw. Over the last couple of days my mind has been drawn back several times to a very simple but effective meditation that Angie shared on her Instagram page. In this meditation she talks us through sending your listening out as far as it can go, focusing on the sounds that are the very farthest away for a little while, and then bringing your hearing back to you and focusing on the nearest sound you can hear – this is most likely to be your breath and so brings that attention from the outer world into the inner world.

This theme came up again for us in the reading for Friday which reminded us to focus on the things that we can control and to release the things that are beyond our control – remaining steadfast in our Faith and trust in the Universe, remembering that the universe holds no judgement for what is right or wrong – only that it will remain true to the universal laws, these are:

The Law of Divine Oneness.

The Law Of Vibration.

The Law of Attraction.

The Law Of Action.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

The Law of Compensation.

The Law of Relativity.

The Law of Polarity.

The Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Rhythm.

The Law of Correspondence.

The Law of Gender.

The function of these laws is to maintain equilibrium on a universal/energetic basis. Trying to suspend judgement and focusing on maintaining equilibrium on a subjective level is all we need to do right now. The more people who focus on the energy of balance and harmony in this world filled with chaos and confusion the better for all of us. Archangel Chamuel comes through today in this reading very strongly. He is the perfect Archangel to call upon to help support us through these times. He will help restore balance within us when we feel fearful, and help us to remain focused on love and peace. Unity is what is needed more than ever right now and I feel this is the lesson we as a collective are here to learn and the energy we are here to bring in – tolerance, acceptance, peace, love, UNITY. Remembering that the dark and difficult times are as much a part of the human experience as the light and happy times – it is in the darkness that we grow. These testing times can only lead to massive growth and expansion within the collective. As one by one we learn more about ourselves, finding our own ways to cope and making a conscious effort to live a peaceful life in this world that consistently brings us constant fear and chaos. While the darkness may be pressing, the balance will tip and light will find a way to retain equilibrium.

So the message I am leaving you with this week is to bring the focus into your own body when the outer world becomes too overwhelming or confusing. Give love, allow yourself to receive love – show your body some appreciation and do all that IS in YOUR power to make this world a loving place – that’s all any of us can do x

I will leave you with a couple of songs that can simply sum up this week’s message and are both just awesome songs so I need no excuse to share them – there also seems to be a KT Tunstall song for pretty much any situation!

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Conscious Creation!

Guidance for week 29 Nov – 3 Dec.

This week had a mixed bag of messages coming through but the general message was to prepare for the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius occurring on Saturday 4th Dec.

Monday’s reading took us back to the 4th Nov when this card also came out for us. This was the date of the new moon in Scorpio and we have another new moon coming up this weekend. This is a card of evaluation. New moons are a great time to plan and set intentions for the month ahead and this card is bringing us the advice to spend some time doing that this week as we move into December and the festive period. Its a message to ensure we approach this season in a balanced way and to not spread ourselves too thin or over spend too much. We need to approach this time of year in a flexible and adaptable way. Making sure we are not trying to spin too many plates at once. I’ve also had the message come through since recording this video that there may be a need for all of us to be adaptable as things in the wider collective and in society may become more rigid and constricting once more. Try not to allow these things to cause our branches to bow under the weight, but allow for some adjustments and continue on in the best way we can, remaining grounded and balanced throughout. The final message that came through with this card is that if you are struggling and need support in anyway, reach out. There may be support around you, people who will be more than happy to offer help, advice and assistance – but you need to be open to receiving and let them know you need help. The weather over the passed weekend was brutal. Storm Arwen created havoc and we have had snow across the UK. Winter has come early for us – roll on Spring! Again though there are many without power and the need to be adaptable is even more pressing for those experiencing these effects of the adverse weather. Again, the message is to reach out and ask for help if you need to.

Tuesday’s reading gave the simple and succinct advice to rest and recuperate.

On Wednesday the Queen of Angels brought us a reminder to work with the new moon and spend some time thinking about, and really visualising what we want to achieve over the next month. Positive energy and conscious creation is how we manifest our dreams so be sure to take the time to do this. Perhaps plan now for a new moon ritual and start gathering together the items you want to include in this, be sure you have the incense, candles – (and matches or lighter) and the space prepared so that it goes smoothly on the day. And be sure you know what you are manifesting into your life! Setting clear intentions requires honesty, clarity and planning!

Thursday’s reading brought the message to look for the bright side. stay focused in the light – the good things in life, the things that make you happy and lift your spirits. Following on from Wednesday’s reading which talked about planning ahead for the new moon eclipse and beginning to plan for what we will manifest this is an important message telling us to be sure we are doing this from a high vibrational emotional state of being – for whatever energies you are allowing yourself to be surrounded in right now is what you will be manifesting during the eclipse period this weekend. There were some chaotic energies around while I was making this video, distractions and disturbances. I stayed focused and got through it and that is important too, dont let anything sway you from what you want to create over this new moon eclipse. Clarity, focus and conviction are important. Enjoy life, seize the day, allow yourself to live with in the energy of love, forgiveness peace and happiness. Welcome vitality into your life and watch as it turns into the best version of your dreams that you could dare to imagine!! On this day I was also given a song – Let Your Love Flow by Bellamy Brothers.

The weather also reflected the energy in the reading. It was a beautiful sunny day. I took the top 2 photos and was sent the bottom pic from a friend – it matched the image on the card beautifully!

On Thursday I also recorded a video focusing on the New Moon Eclipse energies:

In a nut shell this reading tells you DO NOT miss this opportunity to manifest – dream big!!!! Focus on being within the higher frequency emotions as much as possible – acceptance, forgiveness, love and peace – for what we create within us now is what we will reap in our outer world later! This eclipse is a powerful portal for manifesting what we desire – or a powerful portal for manifesting more of what we don’t want – you decide!

Friday’s message took some commitment from me to get through. I thought that I would have to skip a day for the first time since starting the 1 card readings – It turned out that I needed some time to allow for the message to formulate into something reasonably coherent. It also brings the messages for this week full circle back to Monday’s message to reach out for support if needed. The video for Friday is much longer than usual as I needed a bit more time to explain the process that led to the message that was coming through. I couldn’t record it in the morning as I usually do – I was struggling massively and ended up in tears! The message that came through with this is different to the usual 9 of cups energy – but this energy stands as the benchmark for what we want to manifest. Songs mentioned – INXS Disappear & KT Tunstall You Turned a Light On.

‘We are none of Us an Island’ πŸ’ž

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What is Love?

Guidance for week 22 – 26 Nov 2021

This week we have had some really gorgeous energies around us and coming through on the Moon in Libra channel. While the rest of the world creates havoc, I have been guided to stay very much in my own lane and focus in on the guidance coming through for those who find their way to my channel and social media sites. We are being guided to stay focused on our dreams, to look for and connect to the most beautiful and positive energies and to emanate love & passion and remain balanced & focused on our own goals. I also deep dived in to the work of David Hawkins this week. Read on to learn more.

Monday’s reading brought through the fire energy once more as we moved in to Sagittarius season. The message was that this is a time for going for it, taking bold and decisive action and being sure to take practical steps to bring your dreams and goals into physical reality. Stay in your lane, only focus on yourself and those who bring encouragement and support. The dove in this card tells you that it is OK to move away, with peace in your heart from those who are unsupportive or who hinder you from focusing on your goals. Allow them to fade out into the background while you zoom in on what you need to do. Also make sure you take time to recharge in nature. I will keep bringing this message through as long as I feel called to – it is so important. Even if its is only for a minute or two – the amount of time you spend recharging is not important. What matters is that you do. That tells yourself, your guides and the universe that your energy levels matter and that you will do what you can to support yourself, the impact of that message cannot be underestimated. Look at the sunset, walk under the trees, watch the leaves rustling, appreciate one flower, bird or even blade of grass. If it brings you peace for even a moment it counts!

Tuesday’s message is all about maintaining a balance between our emotions and our thoughts. I was given the analogy of a heating and ventilation system within buildings – it requires a finely tuned balance between Air (our mind) and Water (our emotions) to maintain a warm, inviting and comfortable environment in which to inhabit. This is true also for our own minds and bodies. Preventing blockages, good ventilation and effective insulation are key to maintaining a comfortable living environment. The message is an encouragement to form and maintain a consistent spiritual practice within our daily lives to make sure we are taking preventative steps to avoid these blockages from occurring. Insulating from outside influences (using spiritual protection) and being able to vent (being free to express ourselves) will ensure our inner environment is a good place to inhabit. There is also the message to take conscious inspired action to enrich the experiences of those around us through taking responsibility for ourselves, living within and embodying the energy of love and simply being kind to those around us.

Wednesday’s reading brought the message that there is a new phase coming for us in terms of love and friendship but more specifically to this reading I feel this is in reference to spiritual love and our relationship with our Selves. Its a card about balance and self mastery. Recognising that love is a state of being and not simply an emotion that we feel – it is an energy we can all hope to embody with conscious intention. This card also brings the message to harness support from Archangel Sandalphon to help us with sending out our prayers for the life we truly desire and to begin planting the seeds energetically, visualising the magenta colour in our Earth Star chakra to help us plant seeds for what we wish to sow in future months. David Hawkins quotes are coming up for me today. His work is well worth looking into if the idea of living life from a consciously loving state of being is something you want to read more about. I recommend his book ‘Letting Go – the Pathway of Surrender’ which is all about surrendering up lower energy emotions to allow us to be free to live within the higher energies of acceptance, love and peace. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see some David Hawkins videos that I love.

Thursday’s reading brought us the words ‘stability’, ‘fulfilment’, ‘culmination’ and ‘completion’. The message once more is to begin now to view love as a way of being, not something to gain, earn or acquire. Love is an energy accessible to all at any time. David Hawkins puts it so perfectly in his book that I can’t make it sound any better so I read an excerpt from his amazing book ‘Letting Go’ in which he takes us through the emotional scale from fear and pain to courage, acceptance, love and peace through the powerful but simple and continual act of surrender. I recommend this book to everyone! Amazing stuff. There is also the message to Let go in terms of allowing your life to be fun and to play and see the funny side. My 8 year daughter helps me with this one today and she brings through the energy of laughter beautifully πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Friday’s reading holds a very different energy to the previous few days. Having been immersed in the energy of love we now move into a time of great productivity in terms of focused intention, inspiration, creativity and intellectual astuteness. A great time for writing, planning, mindfulness and finding inspiration – especially through meditation. Heart centred creativity will come through in a way that seems sudden, as if you have been channelling a higher being and images and words seem to come from outside of your Self. These are highly intuitive and creative energies around right now. If you have lots of things on your to do list today is a great day to focus on that and going into the weekend.

An amazing week of guidance – I will leave you with some videos of David Hawkins talking about love – his work has really shifted my perception of love and helped me to release so many negative emotions. Since reading his book and really practicing the act of Surrender over these last 6 months or so I really do feel like my life has changed – I no longer suffer with crippling anxiety and I can find joy in even the most mundane tasks.
This week something amazing happened to me that confirmed that David’s work is credible and that surrender really works in a powerful way. Read this excerpt below – he is discussing what happened to a man who has lent some money to another person:

With continual surrender, the whole deal was totally let go and a shift was made to view the loan as a gift. Admittedly, this other person had really needed the money. Why not simply see it as a gift and let go of the expectation of repayment? Now, instead of resentment, gratefulness predominated because there had been the opportunity to help another human being in a moment of real need. Within 48 hours, a check arrived in the mail for the entire amount with a note and an apology for the delay in repayment!

Letting Go: the Pathway of Surrender – David Hawkins.

This week, after reading this I thought of a friend of mine to whom I had sent a payment to for a service that I had not received. On asking my friend about the possibility of me having the money repaid I was told that they were just not able to pay it – this was roughly 3 years ago. This week after reading the above passage, I spent sometime letting go of the expectation of repayment and energetically sent my friend the money as a gift that I had already given her physically 3 or 4 years ago. Now this money was no longer a debt, but a gift that I gave her freely and with love and gratitude that I had been in a position to send her the money at all. I surrendered it, with love and gratitude. 2 days later, the same friend, who I had not spoken to for many many months decided that she needed a reading from me, she sent me the payment for the reading – and paid me 3 times the asking price – effectively repaying in a very beautiful way, the money I had sent her many moons ago. I went on to give her a beautiful reading that she loved and the energy of love between the 2 of us lifted both of us immensely – it was a really gorgeous experience – so I can vouch for the fact that this spiritual and energetic work really does impact on our daily lives in a beautiful way. I will leave you with the words of David Hawkins xxx

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Ground, Ground Some More.

Guidance for week 15 – 19 Nov 2021

Every week day I offer a 1 card reading for guidance using The Art of Love Tarot Deck by Denise Jarvie and Toni Carmine Solerno. I have been blown away by the guidance and more specifically by how similar all the other readings have been between myself and many other readers in particular Silver Birch Healing and Angelic Celestial Colours whose videos you can find at the end of this blog. Here is run down of all of this week’s readings and links to watch them. I hope this has helped you in some way.

Monday’s reading brought the message that something new is on the horizon. Many of us have experienced a period of rapid growth and expansion. This week we have a full moon eclipse in Taurus and it is the perfect time to heal and shift your relationship and perspective in regards to money. We live in an abundant universe and we each have the right to tap into and receive abundance. This week is the perfect time to be working on this. Wear green, use green crystals and programme them to attract an abundance of money. Be specific for abundance comes to us in many forms. Money is an energy just like any other.

Tuesday’s reading brought the message that now is the time to begin working on creative endeavours. There is a mass of creative energy bubbling in the collective right now with Mars conjunct Mercury and both the Sun and the Moon all in the picture also – just beware that with this all occurring in the sign of Scorpio there is potential for this energy to shift from creative into destructive. Grounding and channelling the fiery energy that is bubbling deep in our psyche into creative projects will help us to tap into these energies in a positive way. You have been warned!!

Wednesday’s reading acknowledged that there may be anxiety present in regards to the recent new beginnings and brings the message that you can overcome this by viewing these new things as an adventure. Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging but important if you want to continue to experience growth. Be kind to yourself and lighten up your outlook. These things are sent to try you, challenge you and eventually transform you – not to break you.

Thursday’s reading brought the message to remember the importance of grounding. There has been so much fiery energy around this week we are in danger of burn out. Make the time to ground and spend some time in nature. Even if its only for 5 minutes, this activity can have huge affects on our overall energy so be sure to prioritise yourself and centre and BREATHE!

On Thursday the 18th I also gave a reading on the energies surrounding the Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse that was imminent on the 19th November 2021. The overriding message was to be sure to spend sometime doing what ever you can to ground and centre your energies over this period as it is a massively fiery period with some very intense energies. These energies can be tapped into to assist us in creative endeavours and to motivate us to form and remain focused on our goals and ambitions, but they can also become overwhelming and destructive if allowed to gain too much momentum – time out to ground and rest is essential. It also brought the message that there will be a ‘Wake up Call’ moment that occurs. One that leads to a situation that simply cannot be ignored or denied anymore – change is needed. This may trigger a huge emotional reaction – again ground your energy, maintain spiritual protection (so important at the moment) and you will be alright. It may be a shock to the system, but it will lead to positive outcomes. Stay cool, calm, steadfast, stable and centred as much as you can. The changes will all work out for the best.

Friday’s reading brought through the message that we are currently on the cusp, within a liminal space on the threshold (you get the message) between one life and a new life that is to come. The message is to keep chipping away, taking baby steps and focusing on what you can do in the present to achieve your goals and work towards the new dreams and goals that have recently come up for us. I feel that this message is specifically about career – keep the vision in mind but the focus on what you need to do now. Your effort will be rewarded.

I think that was a pretty awesome week of guidance and a really positive end to the week. I will be back on Monday with more free 1 card readings. If you would like to book a Video reading with me please follow the link in the menu to take you through to the card reading section. I will very soon be putting up my prices so if you wish to take advantage of the 30 minute reading while it is still only Β£10 then now is the time to book! It will be increased to Β£20 in the new year!

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Oracle Reading for July 2021 Energies.

This reading is from the Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis, Whispers of Lord Ganesha Deck by Angela Hartfield, The Wild Offering Deck by Tosha Silver and Blessings from the Heart of the Rose by Sheila Murphy.

We have Metatron encouraging us to work with the Sirius Gateway, The Wild Offering Deck encouraging a focus on loving our bodies unconditionally and working on self – acceptance. Also Ganesha advices us toward remaining steadfast on your path, and I enter the running for the award for the most use of the word ‘vagina’ in an oracle reading.

Blog Breathing Exercises. Kundalini Numerology Sacred Geometry Vagus Nerve

A Balanced Approach to the Summer Solstice.

Numerology of 6, the Tetrahedron & 4/6 Breathing.

Here in the UK we are approaching the time when we celebrate the Summer Solstice. This is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the days are at their longest and we are very much within the energy of the element of fire. This is the perfect time to be focusing our energy on replenishing, cleansing, charging and reviving our Solar Plexus chakras. This can be as simple as spending time out in the sun, taking some time out to appreciate the beautiful colours of nature as she now reaches the peak of her blossoming season, even something as simple as showing appreciation for the leaves on the trees, now abundant, fresh and lush. Drink in the sight and sounds of them as they ripple and swoosh on the branches, let the beauty of creation fill you with a sense of awe and allow these moments to matter, for within the blink of an eye those leaves will soon be fading, changing and falling before our eyes as summer turns to autumn – so don’t allow the joy of summer to pass you by! Take the time to enjoy it and get out in the wonderful healing green colours while you can! Even if the sky is cloudy or the rain is falling, by connecting with the trees and plants we can still link into the element of Fire – Be aware that the lush green colour is created by the suns rays as the trees trap the light energy and feed off it, allow the light within the leaves to fill you with a sense of passion, with a lust for life itself, let your soul feed from it just as the leaves do. In the moments when the sun does emerge take the time to feel the sun on your skin and visualise this light filling your solar plexus, charging up your creative vitality centre within you. Allow yourself to bask in the energy of pure joy that is invoked, lap it up!

Sacred Geometry

The platonic solid linked into the Solar Plexus and the element of Fire is the Tetrahedron. This sacred geometric shape holds within it the symbolism of an energy that is primal in nature. We all learned in school about the ‘Fire Triangle’ and the 3 conditions needed in order for combustion to occur, these being heat, fuel and oxygen. In more recent years, fire research has developed this from the ‘Fire Triangle’ to the ‘Fire Tetrahedron’ – this model acknowledges that as well as the 3 elements of heat, fuel and oxygen, there is a 4th element that must be present – that being the element of a chemical chain reaction. This reaction can be seen as the creative spark or inspiration. Its an exothermic release of energy that triggers the combustion process. By transforming the 2D basic triangle shape and extending it into the tetrahedron platonic solid then, we can gain an understanding of the spiritual significance of the element of Fire – its the vital energy that is needed to give us our spark, our passion and to trigger the processes of inspiration, creation and transformation within us. Working with this shape and focusing on our solar plexus we can visualise these 4 elements forming within our Solar Plexus and igniting the fire within us.

Balance Needed

With any fire it is important to temper it and to balance the energies and while the solstice is very much a fire festival, the date on which it falls – June 21st, marks the start of the astrological season of Cancer. Cancer holds within it both the energy of fire and water – it is a water sign with strong links to our emotions, yet it represents our home and domestic life and therefore has links to the hearth and the fire element. This is intensified by the fact that it falls in the 6th month of the year – 6 holding the numerological energy of domestic happiness, harmony, balance and stability. By integrating all of the symbology within these different approaches, we can see that this is the perfect time of the year to be focusing on balancing the fire and water elements within us.

The Trick is to Keep Breathing – 4/6 Breathing.

Taking all of the symbolism discussed here we can amalgamate it into a simple breathing exercise. Going back to the tetrahedron we have within this the numerology of 4 and 6 – there are 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices.
Cancer also holds within it the energies of both 4 and 6 – it is the 4th sign of the zodiac and begins in the 6th month of the year. So when it comes to balancing the energies of Fire and Water within us, 4/6 breathing is the perfect exercise to use.
To do this simply inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 6. Extending the exhale and breathing out for a longer period than the inhale automatically counters the sympathetic nervous system – this is our ‘fight or flight’ response to stress. Regulating our breathing and focusing on extending the exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is governed by the Vagus Nerve, which in turn lowers our heart rate and balances our bodies stress response. Try working this into a meditation over the Summer Solstice to help balance out all the fiery masculine energies that are around, softening it by invoking along with it the feminine watery element of Cancer.

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Numerology of 5, the Icosahedron and Take 5 Breath Work to Combat Stress.

In April I was researching box breathing or 4/4 breathing to bring about a sense of equilibrium. 4 connects us to the energy of stability and balance, in sacred geometry it connects us to the shape of the cube and in turn our base chakra.

Now in May I have been pondering how we can connect to the number 5 in a similar way. In numerology the number 5 represents stepping out of our comfort zone. Whereas 4 represents the safety and security of the home, with the number 5 we are moving away from what is safe and into new territory. With the number 5 comes adventure, curiosity, creative sparks and endeavours leading to change and transformation. It is a dynamic and fluid energy that gets things moving.

This energy has been intensified greatly during this month of May 2021 in which we had a 555 energy portal (on the 5th May as 2021 is a 5 year, hence 5-5-5) what this meant for us as a collective is that there was a huge amount of this transformative energy within the Collective Consciousness. Many of us have experienced change on a large scale, new and unexpected opportunities coming in; things that have been ideas for sometime becoming grounded into our realities at an alarming rate. Endings and closures, cord cuttings, moving on, letting go – this energy has been intense over the last few weeks.

This energy can lead to a sense of chaos and excitement, its a lively and highly intense energy that can be very ungrounded. Unchecked this can lead to a sense of anxiety and hyperawareness. New situations often bring with it the fear of the unknown and this can also lead to heightened stress.

One way to temper this skittish and unpredictable energy and to alleviate the stress that can occur at these times is to focus in on Sacral Chakra healing and incorporating Sacred Geometry as well as breath work in your spiritual practise.

Sacred Geometry – The Icosahedron is the 5th Platonic Solid and it is associated with the element of Water and the Sacral Chakra. Working with and meditating on this shape, either by wearing or holding crystal Icosahedrons and tracing the shape of them with your fingers or by drawing them can help to sooth the chaotic characteristic of Water and in turn help to calm the sense of chaos within us.

Sacral Chakra – The Sacral Chakra is the centre of creativity and primal, sexual energy. This energy can be both intense and healing. Allowing ourselves to connect to this energy brings about a sense of vitality and excitement. This is very similar to the energy of 5 in numerology but an imbalance can lead to blocks – the heightened energy can create the fight or flight, or the shutdown response in us as our emotions become too much to process in the moment. Cooling and calming the sacral chakra, connecting to the energy of water and focusing in on balancing this can help us to remove blockages, or to soothe the chaotic element within our emotions and allow us to settle into the flow, to be present and to feel a little calmer and in control. One way to do this is to focus in on our sacral chakra space while doing some 5 centred breath work.

Breath Work – this is so simple and effective that anyone can do it and it is a great thing to teach kids to do to alleviate fear of the unknown, for example if starting a new school or club. It’s called Take 5 Breathing and you simply trace around your fingers and thumbs, breathing in on the way up, and out on the way down. Trying to go slower on the down movements to ensure your exhalation is longer than the inhalation. This then helps in a number of ways:

  • We bring our attention to the present moment.
  • We do breath work that naturally combats the fight/flight or shutdown response.
  • We become aware of physical sensations as we move our finger over our hand and this helps bring a sense of comfort and brings our focus into the physical as opposed to mental or emotional.
  • Doing this along with visualising Water moving in a gentle flow can help to mitigate the sense of chaos within our emotions.

If you wish to learn how to draw the Icosahedron using Metatron’s Cube as a frame then look out for my next video coming soon which will be a tutorial on how to do this.

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