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Base Chakra Healing.

Base chakra healing is always the best place to start when beginning work on your chakra system. The base is your foundation which roots you into your body, your immediate environment, your home, your surroundings your Self and the Earth.

When your base chakra is in balance you are grounded, steadfast, decisive, confident, reliable and resilient. Your base chakra can assist in linking your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to enable you to live as an integrated and actualized individual who knows what their life purpose is and who steadily works towards their personal goals in life.

There are a number of ways we can work towards healing our base chakra. The first step is to recognise the symptoms within yourself that stem from an imbalanced base chakra so that you can then work on correcting this imbalance and through connection and healing of the base chakra.

Symptoms of Base Chakra Imbalance:

  • Places excess importance on money or material possessions – may manifest as greed, a general sense of lack, never having enough money to get by, hoarding, cluttered environment, needing to own many possessions or have lots of money to feel secure, penny pinching to excess.
  • Excessive tiredness and physical exhaustion.
  • Aggressive or even violent or abusive behaviour.
  • Loss of Self reliance – this may lead to an incessant sense of fear or anxiety, constant fight or flight mode, need to be validated by or supported by others, inability to be alone, inability to be with groups of people, victim mode or attention seeking.
  • Lack mentality – never feeling good enough, feeling that you need more of something or someone to be happy, not knowing what you want in life, being unable to focus on your own goals.
  • Sexual dysfunction – sex addiction or the opposite, a complete lack of sex drive.
  • Over independence and self reliance – while self reliance is something to strive for and healing the base chakra can help to achieve this, sometimes the balance can tip over into toxic energy that results in over independence. This is where a person will be unable or unwilling to recognise the need for help; or to ask for or accept offers of help. This kind of stubborn insistence on independence no matter the cost is a trauma response and can be soothed and eased with base chakra healing.
  • Eating disorders – over eating, food addictions, bulimia, anorexia – any unhealthy relationship with food can be helped through base chakra healing but cannot be solved entirely by chakra work.
    Please note: Some of these conditions are deep rooted and many are trauma centred and require professional help along side your own personal spiritual work to overcome. Needing support to overcome trauma is not a base chakra imbalance, it is a basic human necessity and should not be seen as a symptom of anything other than being a normal human being.

Base Chakra Healing:

There are many ways you can work on healing your chakras once you have identified the patterns and behaviours within your own life that are symptomatic of an out of balance base chakra.

Some of the tools that I use in my own healing work are:

Colour: Base chakra colours are Red, Black, or earthy colours such as copper, brown or grey. I find black is great if you need grounding and centring – if you are struggling with anger, fear, anxiety, stress or feeling out of kilter mentally black is great for grounding you and helping to protect your energy from lower vibrational or negative energies. Red is good for instilling courage and confidence into your energy field and helping you if you need a little boost to get out there and face things that may be causing fear or anxiety – a mixture of black and red can help to ease responses to triggers and lend some solidity, protecting you from past influences and allowing a more reasoned response. You can connect to these colours via the clothes you wear, jewellery, crystals, painting, eating food of that colour – anyway you feel can help connect to the energies within the colours.

Journaling – You will find that I am a huge advocate for journaling. I believe that if you really go deep and write down your thoughts you are in communication with your higher Self, your guides and the universe. Releasing pent up energy via writing it down is, I believe, one of the most cathartic exercises you can do. Journaling helps to illuminate, explore, discover and ultimately get to the truth of who you are, what you want, what your life purpose and goal is and to begin to work towards that. Journaling is one the best tools we have for this kind of inner work and knowing your Self is one of the most powerful medicines for healing the Base chakra and creating a solid foundation on which to build upon.

Earth Elemental Connection: Another very powerful way to balance out your Base chakra is by connecting to the element of Earth. This is a whole blog post in itself but some examples of how you can do this are:

  • Barefoot walks onto soil.
  • Gardening.
  • Growing and eating your own food.
  • Self care.
  • Exercise.
  • Being reliable – keeping your word, finishing tasks, showing up.

Crystal Healing – As mentioned in the colour section, crystals can help to align the energy within them to your chakras. Our chakras are the energy centre of the body. Colours hold within them different frequencies which resonate on different levels. The colour of red holds the lowest frequency, and so is the most in alignment with our Base chakra. The density of black absorbs and holds energy, so black crystals will help protect us from negative energy. Therefore surrounding yourself with crystals, which have come from the Earth, which vibrate at similar frequencies to your chakra energy centres within your body can help to create the optimal frequency for each chakra.

Archangel Healing: Researching which of the Archangels are best to call in for working with the base chakra turned out to be rather confusing. There is a lot of conflicting information and no one site I visited agreed on which of the Archangels resonate with which chakra, aside from one – Archangel Michael was always the one to call on with help on Throat chakra healing. I gained the impression that for most of us the Archangel we call upon for Chakra healing is a subjective matter dependant upon what area you need help with. Base chakra imbalance can create such a sweeping and diverse range of symptoms that while some may need help to deal with intense anxiety others may need help to work on deep apathy. Therefore the choice of Archangel needs to be in alignment with the specific issue you are in need of addressing. For me I felt drawn to the Archangels Sandalphon who also governs the Earth Star chakra and who I call upon as part of my daily practice to help anchor and ground me; Archangel Raphael who is the angel of gentle healing and Archangel Jophiel who is the angel of Self care, love and beauty. These angels together are helping me to be grounded to work on my anxiety; to bring in gentle healing to ease and soften my impatient manner which often leads me to stress, anger and at times rage problems; and beauty and Self love to help me feel acceptance for my overweight body and to realise that even being overweight I can enjoy my own body and make peace and even love myself just as I am right now.

Essential Oils: Base oils and earthy tones are perfect for base chakra healing. My personal favourite for base chakra healing is Patchouli. Other oils you can use are: Sandalwood, Benzoin, Frankincense, Ginger, Myrrh. Any resin or root oils will work on the base chakra.

You can purchase the recording of my Base Chakra Healing Meditation here.

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