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Box Breathing & Numerology of 4 for Balance and Stability.

Numerology of Number 4.

The number 4 in numerology signifies solid foundations, balance, resourcefulness, practicality, dependability, steadfastness, security, stability.
Its the number of the square, the most balanced of all shapes. The energy of 4 is rational, capable, productive, grounded. Those with a 4 life path number are hard-working, patient, loyal, dependable, practical and driven towards creating solid homes and relationships.

Box / 4/4 Breathing.

4 is the number of the base chakra, in sacred geometry the number 4 is linked into the Hexahedron (Cube). Working with this number, and the shape of the square or cube can help to bring a sense of balance and stability. Linking into this energy can be done in a number of ways. You can carry hexahedron shaped crystals, draw squares or cubes, work with the element of Earth, but a very simple way to link into this grounding and balancing energy is to use box breathing. This is a breath work technique that takes just over a minute to complete and involves inhaling for a count of 4, holding for a count of 4, exhaling for a count of 4, holding for a count of 4, 4 times – doing this 4 times a day for 4 days can help bring a sense of balance. This is great for times of stress or anxiety, if you find yourself over thinking, struggling with overwhelm or just needing to take a moment to reset.
If you, like many others, struggle with the counting and keeping track of breaths I have a short video about this and I take you through a very quick guided box breathing exercise.


Soaking Up the Synchros

Today a brand new project was officially launched – a new podcast created by myself and 2 of my closest friends Rox and Ali. This podcast will cover a broad range of subjects from spirituality to surviving domestic abuse. The formula for this podcast is that there is no formula. Each week one, two or all three of us will hook up online to record our current musings. The focus is on healing and wellness, self exploration, development and growth, mental health and of course discussing signs and synchronicities that we have experienced in our own work and spiritual practises. You can listen to the first 2 episodes below: